Fun Race


The 2 mile Fun Race will start at 9:40 a.m. (EDT) All racers should arrive by 8:00am to register or pick up boat numbers, and for a mandatory race meeting at 8:30.

It’s a perfect event for families and friends. Bring your own boat or use one of St. Pat’s.

The Fun Race will start after the marathon and half marathon racers are out of sight and will finish before the marathon racers come back. This race is geared for all levels. Even those with little or no paddling experience may enjoy participating.

Rental canoes and kayaks are available free of charge on a first-come, first-served basis (Drivers License Required). REGISTER EARLY!!
The Fun Race will start at St. Pat’s, go upriver to the Auten Rd. Bridge, then back downriver to St. Pat’s.

Sea Kayaks
Width of kayak must be 10% or greater than length of boat.
Recreational Canoes
No obvious racing canoes allowed. Aluminum, home-made, Kevlar, plastic all allowed. The boat’s eligibility is up to the race official’s discretion.
Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUP)
Planing or displacement hull boards of any material including inflatables.


Men’s (Must be 16 and over): C-1, C-2, K-1, K-2, SUP
Women’s (Must be 16 and over): C-1, C-2, K-1, K-2, SUP
Youth (Must be 15 and under): C-1, C-2, K-1, K-2, SUP
Men/Women Mixed (Must be 16 and over): C-2, K-2
Adult/Youth: C-2, K-2

C-1=One person canoe
C-2=Two person canoe
K-1=One person kayak
K-2=Two person kayak
SUP=Stand up paddle board

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