Half Marathon


The Half-Marathon will be a ~8 mile loop race starting and finishing at St. Pat’s Park. This race will start at 9:20 a.m. EDT. All racers should arrive by 8:00am to register or pick up boat numbers, and for a mandatory race meeting at 8:30.

The course starts at St. Pat’s and goes south (upstream) to the Darden Rd. Bridge. The paddlers come north (downstream), past St. Pat’s, to the Bertrand Rd. Bridge. They then paddle back upstream to the Auten Rd. Bridge. Finally, they come back to St. Pat’s Park for the finish. All bridge and buoy turns are done counter-clockwise.

All boats welcomed. Any boat paddled with a single-blade paddle will be considered a canoe. Any boat paddled with a double-bladed paddle will be considered a kayak. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) are recognized as a separate class.


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