The Marathon will begin at 9:00 a.m. (EDT).All racers should arrive by 8:00am to register or pick up boat numbers, and for a mandatory race meeting at 8:30

This 16 mile Marathon is a tough race designed for experienced marathon paddlers.

The course is on a challenging part of the St. Joseph River and will include two portages at St. Pat’s Park. There are strong current, boils, converging currents, and strainers along the banks to paddle around. This race requires good technical skills and the stamina to paddle hard for 2 1/2 hours or more.

All Marathon racers will complete 2 portages.

Marathon “Pro-Class” Cash Prizes — cash may be awarded to solo canoes and kayaks, but only to classes with 3 or more boats participating. Paddlers in a class with fewer than 3 participants will be combined with other classes.

The racers start at St. Pat’s, go south (upstream) to the Turn-Around Island (across the street from Pinhook Park). They round the island clockwise (this is the only clockwise turn; all others are counter-clockwise!) and go north (downstream) past St. Pat’s to the Bertrand Rd. Bridge. They go upstream to St. Pat’s for their 1st portage, back in and up to the Darden Rd. Bridge, and back to St. Pat’s. At St. Pat’s, they’ll get out again for a portage, up to Auten Rd. and back again finally to St. Pat’s Park.

This will be an exciting race for both racers and spectators. This marathon race is advertised to seasoned racers all over the country.

All boats welcomed. Any boat paddled with single-blade paddles will be considered a canoe. Solo canoe classes (C1) eligible for cash prizes will follow USCA boat specifications. Any boat paddled with a double-bladed paddle will be considered a kayak. Stand up paddle boards (SUP) will be recognized as a separate class.



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